Blood moon and sackcloth sun: Ancient writings

Blood moon and sackcloth sun: Ancient writings on reasons for eclipses over USA

Originally posted to web site August 4, 2015.

This is the fourth article in the series, Blood moons were just the beginning, a review of the possible blood moon and sackcloth sun sign appearing in our midst. We left the last article in this series with the “Why” question unanswered. The Who, What, Where, and When all fit together well enough on one page but the Why — as in ‘why is an eclipse sent,’  needs an article entirely its own. Of course, mainstream science explains the mechanics behind an eclipse. Our interest looks to ancient writings to speculate on reasons for lunar and solar eclipses that may be the blood moon and sackcloth sun of Holy Bible prophecy.

Authority of Scripture

The Holy Bible warns of signs including the blood moon and sackcloth sun before the Day of the Lord.

Of all ancient writings, the Holy Bible Stands alone as the only text given directly to man from God. We must be perfectly clear on that: No other writing — ancient, modern, or anywhere in-between — has the authority of the Holy Scriptures. (For more on Inspiration of the Scriptures, read here.)

Still, some extra-biblical texts might come to us as a result of an individual’s or group’s deep study of the Holy Bible. Theologians and pastors write sermons, books, and commentaries, many of them standing the test of time such as Matthew Henry’s commentary, John Wesley’s sermons, books, and commentary, Charles H. Spurgeon’s sermons and commentary, and many others. These are not inspired writings with the authority of Scripture but they are written by people who have studied the Word of God deeply over their life times and sought the guidance of the Holy Spirit in their learning and writing.

This is the case of the text we are about to look into for the possible reasons for an eclipse. It is not Scripture so carries no such authority. It is worthy of some consideration, however, as it comes from the expressed reflections and observations of a clergy that spent thousands of years studying the Old Testament.

“Blood moon and sackcloth sun” — Clarification

Keep in mind that there could be other causes of a blood moon and sackcloth sun, particularly debris from a comet or meteor. We are going to look at the reasons for an eclipse since that is the potential sign in the heavens that seems to be in progress now.

Ein Yaakov

In all the excitement surrounding the 2014-2015 lunar tetrad, several books and doubtless tens of thousands of online articles were written drawing connections to these lunar eclipses and the ‘blood moons’ of prophecy. In some of these articles, writings of ancient rabbis were cited to support claims that these blood moons were omens related to the nation Israel.

In ‘Mystic’ rabbi issues ominous warning on eve of blood moon, Leo Hohmann reports:”The Talmud discusses the significance of astronomical events in human history, stating that a solar eclipse is a warning to the nations, while a lunar eclipse signifies danger for the Jewish people, who are likened to the moon.”

Hohmann is sourcing from Ein Yaakov: The Ethical and Inspirational Teachings of the Talmud (c. 1500), a commentary on The Talmud (a collection of rabbinical writings). Again, it is not inspired Scripture; it is a commentary from the clergy of a people who have studied the Word of God since Moses’ day.

Ein Yaakov on Eclipses

You will recall from earlier in this series that the Holy Bible tells us in Genesis 1:14 that God placed, “lights in the expanse of the heavens” to “separate the day from the night, and . . . for signs and for seasons and for days and for years.” The Ein Yaakov contains teaching and reflection collected over thousands of years on these signs that come as eclipses.


The Ein Yaakov offers insights on all the 5 W’s in relation to both lunar and solar eclipses that can appear as a blood moon and sackcloth sun. We start looking at it here for the “why,” go into the next section on the “how,” and may return to it in a concluding article for its thoughts on who, what, when, and where.

According to the Ein Yaakov, the reason for an eclipse depends on the type of eclipse.

A lunar eclipse comes because people:

  • Write forged documents;
  • Bear false witness;
  • Raise small livestock (an unfair business practice); and,
  • Cut down good trees — even their own trees — for it shows ungratefulness to God for His bounty.

A solar eclipse happens when:

  • The leader of the Sanhedrin dies but is not properly eulogized;
  • An engaged woman is sexually assaulted within the walls of the city, cries out for help, but no one responds;
  • Homosexuality; and,
  • Two brothers are killed at the same time.

Unfair Business Practices

When we look at the reasons given for a lunar eclipse, in today’s vernacular it might be boiled down to unfair business practices. This can mean your personal business — dealing unfairly with a friend or family member — or in public business, and a nation’s business.

One cause named for the 2008-2009 financial meltdown was mortgage brokers allowing (even encouraging) applicants to lie on their applications to lenders. This is mortgage fraud, and it is a crime that can land both the broker and applicant in prison. Yet, there was evidence that the fraud was allowed at times by the lenders, too, and hedge fund investors bet against the mortgage market for a profit. That’s the total picture of that debacle.

Any time false information is presented in a document and then it is signed is an instance of writing forged documents. We know it goes on all the time in the USA these days. In the mortgage scenario, people lost their homes when adjustable interest rate loans adjusted upwards beyond their means to pay. The brokers and in some cases the lenders, too, knew this would happen, yet cared more about collecting their fees and interest than about the person losing everything due to being told something that is not true before signing for the loan. This is just one scenario. People get married knowing there’s a fair chance of divorce, making a vow and signing a license. People fill out employment applications, tax forms, and more with false information and then sign it. We are a country of people saying one thing and swearing to it while meaning something else entirely.

Disrespecting What God Honors

The reasons given for the appearance of a solar eclipse are basically failing to show respect for that which God honors.

The Sanhedrin was a counsel set up in cities of ancient Israel to issue judgement on matters for the people. Honor and respect were to be shown upon the passing of these leaders. They were both a civil and a religious authority, and so would represent both our government leaders and leaders in the church. Look around at the disrespect shown to the leaders God has given us today.

We have all heard accounts of crime victims crying for help but receiving none. Folks don’t want to get involved. We do not defend one another’s honor as we should

The third item here has to do with God’s honor and respect for the first institution He established among humans: Marriage. The USA has clearly told God that His design for marriage is not what we want anymore (SCOTUS is our mouthpiece as a country).


Much more could be written on either of these main topics, but there is no need. The point is well made by mere mention of the top notes. If you live in the USA, you understand. Even most who don’t live here do.

It is not the Holy Bible and does not have the authority of Scripture, but the reasons given in the Ein Yaakov for both types of eclipses that focus on the USA between 2014 and 2024 fit this country perfectly. For the weight we can give it, there is no escaping why this sign of blood moon and sackcloth sun is appearing.

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