Fake ISIS war continues with Trump’s Syria strike?

ISIS fighters: Fake Video/Fake War continuing?

In light of the USA’s bombing of Syria’s air strips this week, this video from 2015 came to mind. It documents an interview with Joel Skousen and Coast-to-Coast AM host George Noory from May of that year. After watching the video, you may see the bombing in a different light.

During the interview, Skousen posits that the war against ISIS is a fake war with fake videos produced for the benefit of the media’s role in shaping our opinions.

Skousen says that if we look more closely at what we are seeing, there is strong evidence that the war on ISIS is not really happening. Instead, he suggests, it is a ruse put in place by TPTB to weaken Syria so that Iran has no strong military ally.

For all the heat the Trump campaign took during the election for saying former President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton invented ISIS, he may have been right. His understanding of how and why was wrong, but the truth may be that the USA at the highest levels did create ISIS. Not accidentally or incidentally, however, but quite intentionally.

As Skousen puts it, the USA and others want to destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Israel can make a successful air strike over Iran but refuses to do so as long as Iran’s close ally, Syria, is able to make a military response in retaliation.

Did the USA and its allies, including the UK, created ISIS to take down Syria so that the plan to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities can move forward? If so, will it lead to the prophesied destruction of Damascus? If Syria is hobbled and Israel strikes Iran, will Russia be drawn down into an all-out war in the Middle East?  Are signs of the times starting to get more real than ever before?

Watch the approx. 11 minute video for more details to help form your own opinion.



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