How long do we have until the end of the age?

So just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, so shall it be at the end of the age.” — Matthew 13:40

Reading today’s news, I came upon a report with the title, Researchers Refute Study That Claims CRISPR Causes Unexpected Mutations. Interesting information indeed, and it brought up a few thoughts once again. Sure, I’ve written on most of it before this, but I promise it’s at least a little bit different this time. One thing I’d like to maybe challenge today is some people’s notions about how long we have until the end of the age.

As in the days of Noah


People talk about nephilim, giants, and all that came from the Genesis 6 interaction between the sons of God and the daughters of men, but today it is the super-small that will bring about the corruption of man — a virus or bacteria — manipulating DNA for extended (eternal) life. Ref. New Technology Lets Scientists Easily Rewrite Living Organisms’ Genetic Code (2015).

And what better place to start than with the babies? For a first glimpse, ref. Chinese scientists genetically modify human embryos, (2015).

A short while back, research was published showing potential problems for the CRISPR methodology used by the Chinese but today — this very day — in reports like the one linked above and this one, many are celebrating that, Designer babies WILL NOT suffer serious complications: Scientists debunk claims that CRISPR gene-editing carries unwanted side effects.

So now it can happen. Designer babies on the way! But not anytime soon. From the latter article:

“Still largely being tested on mice, it is unclear when CRISPR may be available for humans in the US or UK.”

The Book of Life

Is a being born after having their DNA modified still fully human? By that I mean, still fully in the image of God, as originally created and intended by God?

Or will they — as some suppose of those with Nephilim DNA today — be so changed that these beings are born without their names written in the Book of Life, therefore ineligible for salvation?

And, seeing in the Revelation how the whole world is amazed and follows after the beast (13:3), and “those who dwell on the earth, whose name has not been written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, will wonder when they see the beast (17:8b),” will those days be in a time when the majority of people have been born with this DNA manipulation (medically enhanced plus something far more sinister)?

If so, it’ll be a while.

Libellus, circa 256 A.D.Technology of the end times

Another thing to consider is that there is no part of prophecy dependent on today’s technology. That’s right — we don’t need computer chips to do it. We don’t even need a printing press. All could have been perfectly fulfilled with the ‘technology’ of Paul’s day, including the ‘mark’ to buy or sell. We’ve just been prejudiced to think otherwise by our familiarity with the technology in our day to think nothing like this could be done without it.

What this means is that while we have been taught to think that our technology makes it possible to fulfill the prophecies in one way or another, it only makes it easier.

Just think how much easier it will be to do those very things 50 or 100 years from now. Christians then will probably wonder how we could seriously think the end times might have come in our day.

How long until the end?

If the above is true, even in part, that means the answer to the question, “how long until the end?” may very well be, “at least 20-30 years away, probably more like 50, maybe even 100.”

I won’t be around then. Like most adults today, by the time the first designer baby turns 18 years old I am likely to have long before heeded God’s instruction to Daniel:

“But as for you, go your way to the end; then you will enter into rest and rise again
for your allotted portion at the end of the age.” — Daniel 12:13

And, if that is the case, such timing has some important implications for how some folks interpret at least one sign Jesus gave in the Olivet discourse, as well as a popular interpretation of the 70 weeks.

Just sharin’ some thoughts. If you feel like sharin’ something in return, go for it. That’s why we have a comments section.

Blessings ~~

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