Is melting ice harbinger of last days plague and pestilence?

Scientists report never-before-seen viruses and bacteria released from what appears to be an accelerated meltdown of Earth’s glaciers and snowpacks. Microbes held dormant for millennia are being seen for the first time in human history. Will this be the origin of the pestilence carried by the rider on the pale horse? Is this melting ice a harbinger of last days’ plagues?

This is not a discussion on global warming or climate change. It is about the big melt occurring right now and how it could be part of the planet’s preparing for what’s soon coming upon it, “for we know that the whole creation groans” – not for the coming cataclysm, but for the promised release that comes after it.

And the whole creation will have its part in the end times through earthquakes, famine, and pestilence set upon the earth as labor pains come upon a woman, pains that will only increase until the child is born.

In Revelation 5, Christ Jesus [Lion of the tribe of Judah, Lamb of God] is given a book [scroll] held shut with seven seals. As He breaks each seal, the judgment of the inhabitants of the earth begins.

  • The opening of the first seal (Revelation 6:1) sends out the rider on the white horse to subject and oppress God’s people.
  • The second seal (v. 3) brings forth the rider on the red horse to bring war and remove peace from the earth.
  • With the breaking of the third seal (v. 5) comes the rider on the black horse carrying a set of scales.
  • And the fourth seal opens (v. 7) with the rider on the pale horse, whose name is Death, and Hades is close behind with him. Death and Hades are given authority over a fourth of the earth (v. 8), “to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.”

Researchers have predicted for years that  . . . whatever is frozen
in permafrost — such as ancient bacteria . . . could include infectious agents
humans might not be prepared for, or have immunity to.

Viruses and vermin

As the pale horse rides over the earth, Death and Hades take their toll.

A fourth of the world today would be nearly 2 billion people dead in their wake. Those who survive the sword may die of famine; those surviving famine will face sickness. Rats and cockroaches run rampant in the wake of war, spreading dysentery, typhoid, and plague. Food supplies will be so low that wild animals will come into cities and farms looking for food, and willing to kill for it; they may also spawn deadly diseases.

“I’m melting, melting!” – Earth

Permafrost is more prevalent on our planet than in the places where we see ice and snow. It is any ground that remains frozen for two years or longer. And it is melting.

Most of the sources linked in this article are from mainstream sources that attribute the melting to higher global temperatures caused by man-made global warming, or climate change. Not everybody subscribes to this reasoning, however, and see rising temperatures as earth entering into another phase of its continuing development.

According to the study, warming temperatures are causing glaciers
around the world to shrink and release microbes and viruses that have been
trapped for tens to hundreds of thousands of years.

Whatever the immediate cause of it, God ordained it at the moment of Creation as He did everything else in nature that occurs in its time. (This has nothing to do with predestination).

As the end of days approaches, the earth will enter into labor as it readies to shed its oppressor and bring forth a new heaven and a new earth. The warming of our planet may be a part of the birth pangs, releasing the deadly disease foretold in the prophecy of the fourth seal. Whatever the cause of the warming of the earth, God ordained it for this time as He spoke it into being. Man is not going to stop it.

Latest research

We’ve known for a century or more that the permafrost preserves viruses and bacteria from long ago, some as far back as pre-history. Scientists have studied this specifically since the late 20th century and now reveal findings from ice cores drilled from the Tibetan Plateau in 2015.

These samples come from 50 meters into the permafrost, where organisms from 15,000 years ago remain in stasis. Researchers identified 28 virus groups that were previously unknown to us.

Pathogenic viruses that can infect humans or animals
might be preserved in old permafrost layers,
including some that have caused global epidemics in the past.

Recently in Russia . . .

And it’s not only the unknown, ancient microbe that threatens us.

In 2016, dozens of people living near the Arctic Circle in Russia were infected with anthrax (; a 12-year-old boy died. The disease was triggered during a warm spell by the release of the bacteria from a deer thawing in the permafrost; it had only been frozen for 75 years.

In 2019, Arctic islands in Russia saw record high temperatures with near-record low Arctic sea ice.

2014 Ebola panic

The first death from the Ebola virus in the USA was Thomas Eric Duncan on October 8, 2014. Duncan had lived in worked in Liberia and arrived in Dallas on September 19. Before leaving Africa, Duncan had helped a family transport their pregnant daughter, stricken with Ebola, to a hospital. Three more cases of Ebola virus disease in the US were reported in the wake of Duncan’s, two of them nurses caring for him; all of these patients survived the ordeal.

Understandably, people were extremely concerned over these cases as news from West Africa poured in with death rates of 40% and higher.

Attacking the blood

Ebola disease is a viral hemorrhagic fever. Other VHFs include dengue, Lassa, Marburg, and yellow fever. They spread in various ways according to the virus, including insect bites (mosquitoes, ticks, fleas), blood contact, and in some cases by inhaling rat excrement.

VHFs kill by attacking our blood cells. This weakens our ability to regenerate cells and destroys vital organs.

Early symptoms include fever, tiredness, body aches, lightheadedness, and general weakness.

As the disease progresses, bleeding occurs under the skin, in major organs, and from the eyes, ears, or mouth. Blood loss is rarely the cause of death but leads to fatal conditions like septic shock and organ failure (kidney, lungs, liver). Some survivors experience compromised immune systems, blindness, or brain damage.

This and far worse is likely to come when the pale horse rides. There is no way to know what mysterious virus might be incubating in recently-thawed permafrost on one of the world’s highest mountain peaks, waiting to be carried to a more hospitable breeding ground by insects, groundwater, or a hapless hiker.

Today’s threat

As this article goes to publication, the coronavirus is in the news. Originating in China, where the government has quarantined entire cities, the source of the virus was traced to a meat market.   It is suspected to have come through animals to the busy market (now closed) and from there made its transition to humans.

How did the animals get it? Maybe from a flea, tick, or rat bite? And where did the flea, tick, or rat find coronavirus? It’s not likely in this case, but the transmission of an ancient virus held in suspended animation in today’s permafrost could travel this exact route in the very near future. Any last days’ plague or pestilence surely will.

 The dangers encased in ice are real,
and with the increases in melting of the ice worldwide,
the risks from the release of pathogenic microbes also are increasing.

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