Seven years of plenty — Good times for USA 2018 to 2025?

Can one man change the world? Can a single fully human being cause career politicians, elite power brokers, and the dark spiritual entities whose work they do, to not only stop but fall back in their tracks?

Apparently, yes, and if what the elites are saying to their former oil field chaplain is true, that one man, that single fully human being, is now on the scene. His name? Donald J. Trump.

Reports from chaplain Lindsey Williams usually warn of economic collapse or other doom coming upon the USA and other world populations. It’s all planned by a group known as “the elite,” who control all banking, energy, and government in the world.

In Williams’ case, the information comes from his elite friends in the oil industry. For more on Williams and how he came upon his elite friends, visit his Facebook page or his guest page on C2C for more interviews from over the years.

Williams’ Latest Report

On January 24, 2018, in his latest interview on Coast to Coast with George Noory, Williams’ forecast took a different tone than any he’s given before: The coming years will not bring a “panic down” as he calls it but a “panic up.”

The reason for the change? The election of President Donald J. Trump.

Never Trumpers

During the 2016 presidential campaign, the elite friends of Williams told him they knew who the next president would be. They were sure of this because not only do they control everything, and by that influence the behavior of the American people, but all the voting machines were ordered and purchased by their billionaire friend, George Soros.

According to the elite in 2016, the winner would be Hillary Clinton. Trump’s prospects for POTUS were zilch. He would never be president. They would not allow it.

God Intervened

When the election went to Trump, the elite friend had only two words for Williams: “God intervened.”

The powers that be (TPTB) elite are no match for this man, even with all the demons of hell behind them. The New World Order (NWO) is set back 20 years. The only way they have to make money in the world while Trump is POTUS is to invest in the USA, riding along for the ride under Trump in what Williams is calling a “panic up.”

What happens in a panic up?

The stock market rises to levels no one would dare predict today. The USA will be the world’s leading exporter of oil, paying back a large chunk of her debt with the profits. The dollar will rise to levels never seen and the petro dollar is safe.

The panic up is a rush by the elite to make as much money as they can while all these good things are happening in the USA. The rich will keep getting richer, of course, but everyone in the USA will be doing amazingly well.

In other words, MAGA will happen. There’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.

How long will the panic up last?

For the remainder of Trump’s first term and all of his next — a familiar period of about seven years.

The Interview

According to Williams’ elite friend(s), we get seven full years starting January 20, 2018, the anniversary of the first official day of the Trump administration. The elite say he will certainly win a second term, for a total of seven years. Recall that the elite admit they cannot possibly, in any way, crash the economy while Trump’s in office. Watch the video here for a series of excerpts with Williams laying it out in the C2C interview.

Doubting Debbie Doomer-Downers

Many will not believe it. Some have steeped too long in expectations of doom. Others look to the latest stock market trends and Yellen’s comment on over-valuation in her exit interview. And then there are the folk who look at the USA and see only judgment for the abominations SCOTUS has proclaimed upon the land.

And, they’re right. We’re due. The USA is due judgment from the hand of God. But it’s not coming in the next seven years.

Trump Triumphant

If you look at what Trump is doing, how can prosperity fail to come?

He is putting America first, cutting taxes to put more money in everyone’s pockets, killing regulations that strangle enterprise, and more, plus getting a good start on putting honorable men and women on courts throughout the land (including SCOTUS).

No wonder the elite friends of chaplain Williams say there’s no way they can cause a collapse while Trump’s in office. It’s a deep and murky swamp, but he’s working to drain it the best he can in spite of strong opposition and out-right attacks from the deep state and elite.

Trump has triumphed over the elite. There’s a new day coming to America. Don’t dig for the doom. Bask in the sunshine.


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