What is the December 21, 2020 “Christmas Star”?

The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020, is not the 'Christmas Star.'

Will you be watching the skies during the December 21, 2020, solstice, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Christmas Star?

Well, you may see a spectacular conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, but that’s not the star that the Wiseman followed to Bethlehem to honor the newborn King of kings.

We covered this in our report on Saturn and the heavenly host. Here is the excerpt from that article that covers the Star at Christ’s birth:

Saturn and the star at Messiah’s birth

A popular theory on the Star of Bethlehem is that it was a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (or Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn). This usually leads to speculation that the Magi would have recognized Jupiter as the ‘king’ star and Saturn as the star of the Jewish people, putting that together with the prophecies of Daniel to know it was time to go to Judea, looking for the newborn King of kings.

The problem with that is, Saturn is not the star of the Jews or Judea or Israel. These are the chosen people of God. They were not to worship the host of heaven but to reserve all worship, honor, and praise to the Most High God and no other.

If there is to be a sign in the heavens that is so spectacular the Magi could not miss it, God would be sure that it spoke to His people, too. The Lion of the tribe of Judah was about to be born. The ‘king’ star is Regulus, the heart of the constellation Leo (the lion). Regulus is a true star, not a planet shining like one. Judah (the Jews in Judea) is the lion (Genesis 49:9) and Regulus is its heart, their Messiah (Genesis 49:10, Revelation 5:5).

In his book, The Star that Astonished the World, Dr. Ernest L. Martin explains how the ‘gentile’ king star joined with the Messianic “King” star to announce the birth of the King of kings:

The Impressive Signs of 3/2 B.C.E.: Here was Jupiter (the King planet), which had just united with Venus (the Mother) on August 12, 3 B.C.E., now joining itself with the King star Regulus (the star of the Jewish Messiah) in the zodiacal sign of Leo (the constellation of Judah), while the Sun (the Supreme Father or Ruler) was then located in Virgo (the Virgin). All of these features are reminiscent of biblical themes associated with the birth and personage of the Jewish Messiah.

No doubt, Saturn wanted this glory and has over millennia trained the minds of many to believe it had its part in it, but God would not allow it any part. Dr. Martin continues: (emphasis added):

Look at this massing of the planets. All the primary planets (except Saturn) were now clustering near one another in the constellation of Leo (Judah), while the Moon was just then entering Leo. The Sun, however, at that very time was entering the sign of Virgo (the Virgin). These indications once again could show remarkable prophetic themes mentioned in the Bible that people were looking for at the time.

Surely someone out there has at least a couple questions, such as: What would God have against a lifeless ball of gas like Saturn? How could a ball of gas want glory?

What are we seeing on December 21?

The Star that led the Wiseman was not a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn but of Jupiter and Regulus. That means that the conjunction appearing at the winter solstice in 2020 is a continuation of the deception and, if anything, is indication of the Great Deception drawing near.

Time to get ready, folks. Don’t be caught sleeping.

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