What’s in your MAGA? It may be time to pause and reflect

On April 6, 1917, the United States declares war on Germany, officially joining the Allied forces in WW1.

On April 6, 2017, Joseph Loconte writes on the noteworthy anniversary in his article, The Great War & the Dawn of the American Century. In a passage that visualizes America’s many blessings, Loconte shares a nurse’s recollection of her first sight of American troops in Europe:

“Vera Brittain, an English nurse working in a London hospital, remembered seeing ‘a large contingent of soldiers pass by on the main road.’ She noted “an unusual quality of bold vigor in their stride, ‘which “caused me to stare at them with puzzled interest.’ “

“Brittain didn’t recognize these fresh troops:

‘They looked larger than ordinary men; their tall, straight figures were in vivid contrast to the under-sized armies of pale recruits to which we were grown accustomed . . . Had yet another regiment been conjured out of our depleted Dominions? I wondered, watching them move with such rhythm, such dignity, such serene consciousness of self-respect. But I knew the colonial troops so well, and these were different; they were assured where the Australians were aggressive, self-possessed where the New Zealanders were turbulent.; “

God Blessed America

From the very beginning, America received blessings beyond measure. These “tall, straight” young men over which Brittain marveled grew up in a land blessed with good soil producing a bounty of healthy foods and bearing abundant natural resources. Freedom to worship and faith in God in Christ gave them a moral strength as well.

These American soldiers — eventually 5 million in all — would be the tipping point bringing about the defeat of the Axis powers. After the war, their fellow Americans would call upon the resources, strength, and moral valor of a nation that had pretty much kept to itself to help rebuild Europe.

And they would do it all again about 25 years later — during and in the aftermath of WWII.

A Helping Hand to the World

The United States was the only major country in the west to survive the wars with her infrastructure in place. Recognizing God’s grace in twice protecting her shores from war, she used this blessing to help rebuild less fortunate countries with the principles of liberty underwhich she so greatly benefitted.

As the Cold War intensified between the two remaining super powers, America’s military continued to keep peace and fight for freedom in the world. Innovation and manufacturing prowess made her the winner of the space.

What’s in your MAGA?

There is a saying that, “America was great because America was good.” The past tense is added and sadly fits well. The second part of that saying goes, “If America ever ceases to be good, she will no longer be great.” So many people are screaming, “MAGA!”, they all must agree this is true, too.

When America was great, a vast majority of her people went to church on Sunday to worship and learn more about our God. Families stayed together with most mothers at home to raise the children and keep the home while fathers went off to work for the family support. The community reflected the values of these Americans’ quiet faith and moral lifestyles. This included businesses, schools, entertainment venues, and local government.

As the second half of the American Century approached, these quiet lives were upended by outliers opposed to the simple good that America fostered.

In the 1960s, SCOTUS decisions ban Bible reading, prayer, and teaching the truth of Creation. By 1973, out-of-control feminism convinces SCOTUS to give a woman the right to murder her unborn child for any reason and at any time during the pregnancy.

And finally, in 2015, the court of our land declares an abomination be codified and its acceptance forced upon every man, woman, child, business, school, and community in the United States of America.

Since America has rejected what is good, she is no longer great. She is left to her own devices — screaming, “MAGA! MAGA!” — as The American Century comes to a close.

If the “G” in our “MAGA” does not stand for “Good,” it is time to pause and reflect.

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